Social Housing

Overcrowded and Unsuitable Temporary Accommodation

Being homeless is already a traumatic predicament; however, when you are placed in an overcrowded and unsuitable accommodation. Hence this creates further stress and inconvenience.

We at Wildan Legal Solicitor can assist you. We have helped individuals in overcrowded and unsuitable temporary accommodations (hostel). Due to our assistance, these individuals have been placed in safe and suitable housing.

So contact us today if you are in this unfortunate predicament so we can assist you.

Challenging Suitability of Accommodation

If you have been offered accommodation, and it is not suitable, we can assist you with the challenge. The accommodation can be deemed unsuitable on the following grounds:

  • Lack of medical facility, or it is located substantially far.
  • Substantially distance from work
  • Education
  • Not near family or support system
  • Accommodation is not tailored for specific needs such as medical and disability.

How will Wildan Legal Solicitors deal with my case?

You can submit details of your query using our online enquiry form or by ringing our offices at 020 74239977 and asking to speak to a team member.

Your query will initially be considered by one of our response team, who will take down the salient details of your matter and then discuss your case with appropriate solicitors in the department.

An assessment will be made as to whether your case falls within an area of expertise and the legal merits of your case. However, regardless of our ability to take on your case, we aim to respond to every enquiry promptly.

Kindly note that we are privately funded; there will be a fee for our advice and service. 

To arrange a meeting, contact us on 0207 423 9977 or fill in our online enquiry form, and we will get in touch at a convenient time.

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