Golam Bengid Mazumder


Mr Golam Bengid Mazumder is a senior immigration caseworker at Wildan Legal. He is an expert in all areas of UK immigration law, including applications for permanent residence such as Spouse and Partner Sponsorships, Entry Clearance applications, and Humanitarian cases; applications for temporary residence including Work Permits, Study Permits, and Visitor Visas, as well as Permanent Resident Card and Citizenship applications. Mr Mazumder is very well-known in the community for dealing with extremely complex immigration matters. He also represents clients in the full range of UK immigration court and tribunal matters, such as Refugee Claims, and Appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division.

Mr. Mazumder holds a law degree from the University of London, and he is also a BPTC graduate (Bar Professional Training Course- the pathway to becoming a barrister-at-law in the UK). He is a fellow of the IoP, which is recognition of his expert status in this field. With over five years of experience exclusively in the field of immigration law, Mr Mazumder has the expertise needed to successfully guide his clients through the complicated UK immigration system.

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